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Material: The exterior is treated with SECC steel plate and fine powder baking paint; the interior is made of SUS stainless steel.
Motor: Brand new high temperature resistant long shaft motor.
Wind mill: Powerful multi-wing wind wheel.
Urgent: Sillcon Packing.
Over temperature protection: Independent over-temperature protector; self-diagnosis function, overload automatic power-off system.
Circulation method: Forced horizontal air circulation, special air path design. The heating temperature is uniform.
Heating method: PID+SSR。
Temperature range: RT(Room temperature)+20℃ ~ 260℃。
Thermostat: PID microcomputer control, PV/SV display button setting at the same time; when the temperature is up, the time is up, and the time is up to cut off the heating current. The storage board is made of SUS stainless steel, which is divided into strip type and round hole type. The standard equipment is strip type. Models with strengthened glass windows can be customized to facilitate observation of the contents in the box.

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