Air knife mask dust collector


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Cleaning speed: 1.Stepper motor t stage
2. Provide programmable operation interface and control system
Air knife angle:

Height & angle can be adjusted manually

Air volume pressure control: Electronic air pressure control
The whole pipeline is made of dust-free grade pipelines: Provide high cleanliness piping (pipe diameter 6mm)
Security protection mechanism: The machine is equipped with an outer cover and has an opening check to reduce the risk of operators
Floor-standing design: Floor-standing design with three-color warning lights
Anti-static voltage gram force cover: The fireproof cover is fully equipped with anti-static voltage force to reduce the particle adsorption caused by static electricity
Exhaust design: 4-6 exhaust holes
ULPA air filter: Class 1
Stage/Mask induction SENSOR: SENSOR induction Stage/MASK position start switch blowing action
Control System: PLC+UI
Can control the movement stroke and the number of blows
Recipe can be set
Controllable open cover transmission
Equipped items: Compressed air filter
Ultrasonic oscillator
In addition to static ion wind
X-ray anti-static system

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