Photoresist coating

Photoresist coating

Floor-Type Programmable Spin Coater


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Equipment summary:
Application range: Applicable substrate size: 2"-6" Round Wafer substrate.
Basic specifications:
Appearance material: The body is made of SUS 304 bright surface quality combination.
Equipment skeleton: The lacquered frame is combined, and the structure is firm.
Basin cover: PP Cup three-piece basin cover structure.
Suction cup: The aluminum suction cup is anodically hardened, which has the function of anti-acid, and the surface of the suction cup is flat.
Exhaust system: The three-piece basin cover indirect ventilation design effectively stabilizes the air turbulence, and at the same time reduces peculiar smells to avoid residual photoresist on the back.
Drainage system.
Motor: AC Servo Motor (speed: 10-6000 RPM)
Vacuum pump: Oil-free medium-sized vacuum pressure pump.
Machine safety protection.
Electric control system:
Software: PLC programmable automation controller.
Use the operation interface: Colour Touch Screen, PLC interface integrates HMI.
Recipe module and number of segments setting: 100 groups of formulas, each formula has 30 segments.
Password setting: Password protection can be set according to authority.

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