Photoresist coating

Photoresist coating

Two-Stage Spin Coater


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Applicable size: Fragment ~ 6” Wafer substrate.
Appearance material: The PP board is welded together, which is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion.
The suction cup is separated
Work procedure: Photosensitive liquid coating The first stage controls the speed and the second stage controls the speed
Operating basin cover: Made of SUS, round pot design.
Feeding method: Manual feeding, with a hole in the middle and cover
Rotating motor: DC motor
Suction cup specifications: A set of aluminum suction cups are protected by anodized precision grinding molds.
Rotating speed: 300 ~ 8000 rpm±10rpm。
Rotation time setting: 0.1- 999 sec (LED direct display) can be set to switch between seconds and minutes

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